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AeroPressAlan Adler
Aeropress inventor
fine drip or espresso grind175
AeroPressAwlred16fine-filter220203 702:30
AeroPressBlue Bottle15just a bit finer than drip190200 762:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add twice weight of coffee in water, stir then wait 30 seconds.
o Add rest of water then wait 1 minute.
o Give 10 vigorous stirs then flip and press.
AeroPressBold Bean Coffee Roasters15medium-fine20030sec off boil 721:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add water to coffee all at once.
o Stir 5-6 times at 45seconds, then flip and plunge.
AeroPressClive Coffee
14.5medium200 702:00
AeroPressCounter Culture18medium-fine200205 862:30
o Brew inverted style.
o Fill half way then stir a few times, immediatly fill to the top or 200g.
o Wait until 1:45 then stir a few more times.
o Cap then flip and slowly press until you hear the hiss at about 2:30.
AeroPressGeorge Howell21drip-fine260201-20563-771:45
o Recipe for 17-21g of coffee and water to the (4) or 260g.
o Add coffee then add water in 25 seconds.
o At 35 seconds stir for 5 seconds.
o Then plunge for 1 minute.
AeroPressGlitch Coffee
2014 Japan Champion
16between drip & french press23017463-772:00
o Bloom with 40g stir 5 times then add water to 230g then put the top on.
o After 1 minute press slowly for 1 minute but leave the last 30ml.
AeroPressHas Bean
AeroPressHeart Roasters
18bit finer than drip270200-205 or 45sec off boil 642:10
o Add all the water at once then stir.
o Put the plunger on to stop dripping.
o At 50 seconds take the top off and stir for 5 seconds - put the plunger back on.
o Take the top off at 1:45 and stir for 5 seconds then plunge for 20 seconds until hiss.
AeroPressKaldi's33fine grind113195-205 2801:15
o Add water and stir.
o Stir again at 1min and press "like mad."
o Dilute if you want.
AeroPressLukas Zahradnik
2015 World Champion
20drip (EK43 (7.3)1751:30
o Recipe with 20g coffee and water to the top.
o Inverted method. 15 seconds bloom then 15 seconds 'wiggle' then 10 seconds fill to the top.
o 45 second press - stop right under the (1).
AeroPressMarie Hagemeister
2010 World Champion
20slightly finer than filter220176 870:30
o Recipe for 20g coffee and water to the top.
o Brew inverted style.
o Add all the water then stir for 10-15 seconds.
o Flip and slowly press BUT stop before you hear the hiss.
AeroPressShuichi Sasaki
2014 World Champion
16.5slightly finer than french press250173.4631:50
o Recipe for 16.5 and XX water.
o No filter rinse.
o 40g bloom for 25 seconds.
o Stir 5 times after the 40g are added.
o Then add 210 grams of water and stir once.
o 75 second slow plunge.
AeroPressJeff Verellen 2013 World Aeropress Champion17bit coarser than filter265174621:40
o Bloom with 50g of 181F water and shake around a bit to mix.
o At 0:40 slowely add 215g water over 30 seconds.
o Press slowly for 30 seconds leaving the last 50g in the aeropress and discard.
o Extra tips: use only the uniform heavy beans (toss the big, wierd and light ones).
AeroPressCharlene De Buysere 2012 World Aeropress Champion18.3Coarse250185701:00
o Brew in the standard position.
o Bloom with 40g of water for 30seconds.
o Add the rest and then press - but leave some water in the press.
AeroPressJeff Verellen 2011 World Aeropress Champion17bit coarser than filter270176602:00
o Brew in the standard position.
o Bloom with 40g of water for 30 seconds.
o Slowly add the rest of the water.
o Let it steep and drip for 1 minute.
o Press gently leaving the last 50 grams.
AeroPressSightglass (w/ video)17on the finer side (table salt)22045-60 seconds off boil 741:00
o Recipe for 17g and fill to the (3) or about 220g water.
o Stir a few times then slowly push down at 0:45 and stop at the hiss.
AeroPressStumptown17table salt220Just off boil (205) 74just under 2:00
o Recipe for 17g and water to the (4) or 220g.
o Add coffee, then add water saturating all grounds with 10 seconds while filling to the top.
o Spin the chamber to mix then stir.
o Cover then stir again at 1:15 then slowly plunge.
AeroPressThe Coffee Collective
AeroPressVerve Street Smarts
AeroPressNot Your Parents' Coffee16between espresso and drip220203 701:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add coffee and fill with water to the top.
o At 0:45 stir for 5 seconds then cap and flip and press.
AeroPressPT's18drip250195-200 691:00-2:00
o Brew standard with the filter on.
o Pour to the (1) mark or 83g and stir.
o Pour to the (2) mark 167g and stir.
o Add water up to (3) or 250g and stir.
o Add plunger and slowly push until you hear a hissing sound.
o Let rest in mug for a few minutes then drink.
AeroPressHeart18bit finer than drip270200-205 642:10
o Brew upright/standard style.
o Start time and quickly add water to 270g.
o Stir and then place the plunger to seal and stop dripps.
o At 0:50 stir for 5 seconds and put plunger back on.
o At 1:45 stir for 5 seconds then replace plunger.
o Plunge for 20 seconds until you hear a hissing sound.
AeroPressCeremony12.5just finer than table salt200205 601:45
o Fill with 200g water and sitr 3 times.
o Immediately set the plunger to stopping dripping.
o At 1:15 stir 3 more times then set the plunger.
o Slowly press for 30 seconds.
AeroPressTorch Coffee15just finer than table salt225not specified642:20
o Brew inverted style.
o First add 100g on coffee and give a quick stir.
o At 0:30 then pour up to 225 grams or to total.
o Brew at 1:15 ratio.
o Give another quick stir.
o At 1:30 break the surface crust and mix into the water.
o Put the cap and at 2:00 flip and plunge until the hissing noise.
AeroPressSteampunk17240just off boil 682:30
o Rinse.
o Brew inverted style.
o Add coffee, start timer then slowly add all the water.
o At 2:00 put the top on and slowly press.
AeroPressBlair Smith (Augie’s)13.5200185682:00
o Bloom 30 seconds
o Add water to 175ml
o Stir 10 times
o Plunge at 1:45
o Add 25ml water
AeroPressJon Dail (Hidden House)165.9 on EK43235180-190682:15
o Rinse 3 filters
o Inverted brew setup
o Bloom with 60g
o Aggresive stir until 30 seconds
o Fill to 235ml then stir once and cap
o Flip at 1:15
o Plunge for 60 seconds
o Decant 3 times
Bee HouseStumptown21medium-fine380205532:00
o Saturate the grounds then stir to break up dry clumps.
o Slowly fill the brewer to the top or 380g at 1:00.
o At 2:00 remove the dripper and don't worry if there is still water in there - your mug should have about 10 ounces.
Bee House or MelittaPT's25drip 375195-200642:30-3:00
o Start timer and add 50g water.
o Let bloom for 30 seconds.
o Pour in slow cocentric circles keeping the water halfway up the filter until you reach 375g.
ChemexStumptown42Kosher salt700Just off boil (205F) 584:00
o Recipe is for 42g coffee in 700g water.
o Add 150g of water and stir to ensure no dry spots.
o Pause until 0:45. Pour in a wiggling spiral until 450g (water should be near the top).
o At 1:45 fill to 700g and let drip until at about the belly button on the Chemex.
ChemexIntelligentsia50800Just off boil 604-6:00
o Recipe is for 26/415 at 4min, 33/525 at 5min or 50/800 at 6min.
o Rinse with 16 ounces to reduce papery taste.
o Start timer and add water at twice the weight of the coffee.
o Essential not to rush this wait/degas bloom step!
o At 1min pour slowly in 70-100g increments until done.
o Spiral pour from center to 1cm from the filter.
o Alternate recipe is 44g to 700water with a brew time of 3-4 minutes.
o See also:
ChemexKaldi's41medium grind672195-205 594-5:00
o Add 80g of water or 2 times the weight of the grounds and wait 30seconds.
o Pour water slowly and periodically keeping the water line half way up the filter.
o Avoid pouring on the sides.
ChemexBlue Bottlea bit coarser than in a ceramic dripperJust off boil72-804:00
o Add coffee then shake to flatten the coffee bed.
o Add 100g of water or twice the weight of the grounds and let sit for 30-45 seconds.
o Pour gently from the center towards the outside but not along the filter.
Chemexmodcup48medium coarse700200-202 664:00
o Add coffee then add 90grams of water and pause for 30 seconds.
o Pulse pour in a spiral then wait for the water level to drop and keep repeating the rise and drop of the water level until complete.
ChemexSweet Maria's40medium70930 seconds off boil54
o Fill the filter half way to get the ground wet.
o Pour slowly in a circular motion and keep the grounds as compact as possible.
ChemexGeorge Howelldrip-medium390201-20562-693:30-4:00
o Bloom with 130g water in a 20 second pour spiraling out in concentric circles.
o At 1:00 add 130g of water in 20 seconds.
o At 2:00 add 130g of water in 20 seconds.
ChemexAugie's28medium-fine grind (18) on Baratza encore390Off boil 693:30-4:30
o Bloom with 60g water for 20 seconds.
o At 20 seconds stir the grounds slightly.
o Slowly add water until you get to 390 grams.
ChemexPT's50medium-coarse (sea salt)750195-200 644:00-6:00
o Pour 100g water in circles and wetting all grounds.
o Let bloom for 30 seconds.
o Periodically add water in slow concentric circles keeping the water halfway up the filter until 750g.
ChemexCeremony42just coarser than table salt680205 594:00
o Just soak all the grounds (84g).
o After 15-20 seonds pour in the center region keeping the filter half full.
o Rinse the edges with the last 30 grams.
ChemexVerve (video)60A couple clicks coarser than regular pour over.900646:00
o Just cover the grounds and wet with 1g of water per gram of coffee (60g) then wait for 30 seconds.
o Start adding water in the center spiral out to near the edge then back to the center.
o Pour in 3 batches.
ChemexAble Abelein (video)20medium-coarse300boiling642:30
o Bloom with 40g water.
o Wait 40 seconds then pour to 300g with boiling water.
Chemex (Kone metal filter)Able45medium-fine750195-205 584:00
o Add 75grams of water and wait 45 seconds.
o Then pour a steady stream in the center.
o After 300ml spiral out a bit and then back to the center.
o Do not go near the edges.
o Finish adding the water between 3:00 and 3:30.
Chemex (Kone metal filter)Intelligentsia44700200 603:30-4:30
o Wet grounds with 100g of water and wait 90 seconds.
o Then a slow steady pour in the center until done.
CleverSweet Marias33fine drip grind530198-204 604:00 + drain time
o Add cover - then add all the water and cover.
o Stir fully at 1:30 then put the cover back on.
o Stir again at 4:00 then let drain.
CleverGrimpeur Bros22medium to coarse filter grind365205-206 583:30
o Fold filter seams then place in the Clever.
o Add 75-100g of water to bloom for 15 seconds then give 5 back and forth stirs with a spoon.
o Then pour in a continous circular motion until 365g at 1:00.
o Stir again with 5 back and forth stirs.
o At 2:00 put on your mug and drain.
CleverKlatch26Coarse (like sea salt)336 744:00
o Bloom with 50-60 grams of water.
o At 0:30 add water up to 336grams and put on the lid.
o At 2:30 give the coffee a gentle stir then place on the mug to drain at 3:00.
CleverPT's25medium-coarse450195-200 533:30-4:00
o Add coffee, then 50g of water to saturate all grounds and bloom.
o Bloom for 30 seconds then add water up to 450g.
o At 2:00 place on the brewer.
Clever (video)Elemental Coffee26Coarse (like sea salt)340Just under boiling (200) 734:00
o Fold filter along edges and add to Clever.
o Rinse.
o Add beans then quickly add 340grams of water and cap.
o At 1:50 gently break the crust with the back of the spoon.
o At 3:00 remove the lid and stir again then place on your mug to drain.
Clever (video)Augie's20A bit finer (14 on Baratza Grinder)280 693:30
o Size 4 melitta filter.
o Fold seams and rinse.
o Slowly add the water in circular pour to wet all grounds up to 280g.
o Break the crust with some gentle stirs.
o Then add the lid.
o At 2:30 place on the mug.
o At 3:30 take of the Clever dripper.
Clever/Bonavita ImmersionDogwood30bit coarser than table salt459195-205633:30-6:00
o Longer brew times are with a tea kettle.
o Add water slowly up to the volume.
o Should take about 1:00.
o The faster the pour the longer the drain time.
o Place on the mug and drain at 1:30.
o Experiment a little.
Clever/ImmersionCeremony23touch coarser than table salt360205 614-4:30
o Gently pour 360g or water.
o Add lid.
o After 3min place on cup to release brew.
DripCeremony80bit coarser than table salt1300filtered or spring water595-6:00
o Rinse filter.
Drip (Bonavita)George Howelldrip-mediumcold-filtered62-70
o Fill water tank.
o Rinse filter with hot water then add coffee.
o Press go.
Drip (Bonavita)Verve (video)drip10g per cup line
o Cofee machine basics.
Drip (Bonavita) w/ videoHeartmedium-finecold60
o Make sure everything is clean
Eva SoloIntelligentsia33coarse525Just off boil 605:00
o Pre heat.
o Add grounds then add water and let sit one minute.
o Give 6 back and forth stirs.
o Let sit until 5:00.
o Gently decant while slowly rotating and not exceeding a 45 degree angle into another preheated vessel.
o Leave some in the bottom.
o The carafe can sit until 15:00 before decanting without a serious hit to quality.
French PressBlue Bottlecoarse & evenJust off boil964:00
o Add twice coffee weight in water and stir - then wait 30 sec before adding the remaing water.
French PressCraft CoffeeCoarse205604:00
o Water temp at 205F or boil and wait 30 seconds.
o Fill halfway - at 30 sec stir for 5 sec then fill.
French PressGeorge Howelldrip to mediumhot water68-805:30
o Pour half water in 15 sec, stir for 5 sec, pour second half for 15 sec and stir again for 5 sec.
o Be consistent on the stirring.
French PressIntelligentsiacoarseJust off boil605:00
o Boil water, pre heat kettle - then brew.
o At 1 min give 6 back and forth stirs
French PressJames Hoffmanncupping grind or fine sugarJust off boil58-759-10:00
o Break (stir) the crust and skim the foam off at 4 min then plunge. Wait until 9 or 10 minutes to pour and drink.
o James Hoffmann was the 2007 World Barista Champion.
o Recipe from The World Atlas of Coffee and the provided link.
French PressJames Hoffmann 2016medium grindhot - dont fuss60-70
French PressNick Cho Very coarseJust off boil60-706-8:00
o Grind size should be between coarse salt and steelcut oats.
o For dark roast coffee or decaf the water should be 10-15 degrees cooler.
o A gentle stir at 30-45 sec.
French PressScott Rao2003:30
o Start the timer after adding water - stir after 15 sec.
o Adjust grind and time to 3:00 with finer grind or 4:00 min with coarser grind as coffee dictates.
French PressSightglassJust coarser then Chemex45-60 sec off boil614:00
o Fill to top - gentle stir at 1 min - skim the surface at 3:30.
French PressSprudge195-205614:00
o "just use a scale and your brain smarts"
o Stir at 60 seconds.
o Plunge at 4 then wait a minute for everything to settle before pouring.
French PressStumptownbreadcrumbs205 or just off boil574:00
o Fill halfway - wait until 1 min then give a good stir, then fill.
French PressSweet Maria'sJust coarser then drip195-20552.24-6:00
o Recipe for various sizes at 51.7g per 8T (or 1000ml).
o Short stir or swril at 1:00 then slow 20-30 sec plunge at the end
French PressTim WendelboeFilter grindJust off boil65-704-5:00
o Pour half - stir to ensure everything wet - pour the rest.
o Time Wendelboe was the 2004 World Barista Champion and 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion.
French PressBarefoot Coffee (video)45Kosher salt567200-204764:00
o Fill 2/3rds full - gentle stir at 1 min.
o Press and serve at 4min
French PressCounter Culture (video)60Medium-coarse900205 (just off boil)644:00
o Fill halfway - stir - then fill.
French PressVerve coffee (video)20Bit coarser then drip300water644:00
o Fill to top, at 30 sec fold the top layer into the water.
o Right before pressing gently stir the surface then skim the foam off.
French PressNot Your Parents' Coffee45Drip or a bit coarser600205725:00
o Pre heat.
o Add grounds.
o Start timer and fill with water.
o Cover then stir at 1 min.
o Skim the foam at 4:45 then press at 5:00.
French PressStarbucks (video)10Really corase (coarse sea salt)170Just off boil (200)564:00
o 2tbsp coffee per 6 ounces of water
French PressKaldi's40medium-coarse672195-205574:30
o Start timer and add all the water.
o Stir at 2 minutes and again at 4 minutes.
o Skim off the surface oils & grounds then slowly plunge.
French PressPT's60most coarse setting900195-200 644:00
o Add coffee.
o Start time and vigorously add 900g of water.
o At 1:00 stir the coffee.
o Put on the lid.
o At 4:00 slowly press down.
o Serve and let rest in the mug a few minutes before drinking.
French PressCeremony22.5cracker pepper size350205 626:30
o Add 350g of water saturating all grounds.
o After 30 seconds stir 3 times to mix the grounds into the water.
o Add the lid.
o At 6:00 stir 3 more times then press slowly and evenly.
French PressIlly20medium grind or filter if you like500Hot not boiling 383-4:00
o I don't understand how this recipe could work (if you figure it out please let me know). The grams of coffee to water seems way off although the coffee looks very dark in the picture.
o Also interesting that Illy recommends storing the coffee in the fridge and in the video it comes right out of the fridge and is opened to air.
o This seems like a recipe to destroy coffee quickly.
o Elsewhere on the site they recommend bringing the cold coffee to room temperature before opening - if you do store in the fridge or freezer this is prudent to avoid condensation.
French PressTorch Coffee1coarsly ground like coarse sea salt15195-205 or 30 seconds off boil 644:00
o Bloom for 30-45 seconds
o Add all the water
o Stir for 30-45 seconds.
o Wait 3 minutes then break the crust and stir 3-4 times around.
o Press and serve or filter through a V60 filter for extra clarity.
Iced/ColdbrewNew York Timesmedium-coarseroom temp110 with 1:1 dilution12 hours
o Mix - cover and let rest at room temperature overnight.
o Also see:
Iced/Coldbrew (Chemex)George Howell72drip-fine855201-205 815-6:00
o Wash the filter with hot water then discard.
o Add 180grams of ice then replace the filter.
o Add coffee (finer than normal chemex grind).
o Start timer and add 225 in 30 seconds.
o At 1:00 pour to 450g in 30 seconds.
o At 2:30 pour to 675g in 30 seconds.
Iced/Coldbrew (Chemex)Augie's2816 on Baratza encoreoff boil 67?not given
o Add 200 grams of ice to the bottom.
o Add filter (did not rinse).
o Add 50-60 grams of water and let bloom for 0:30 seconds.
o Then add up to 200g of water.
Iced/Coldbrew (Flitron)Stumptowncoase like breadcrumbscold71 with 1:3 dilution16 hours + drain time
o Makes a concentrate that can be kept in the fridge for 6 weeks (from video) or 10 days (from text).
o Add coffee, add water and let brew for 16 hours in a cold place (ie your fridge).
o Then decant and store in the fridge.
o Dilute with water or ice in about a 1:2 ratio to drink.
Iced/Coldbrew (Flitron)PT'sCoarsest setting you have2000room temp57 (w/ 1:3 dilution)12-24 hours
o Insert stopper, pre-wet the felt filter and insert.
o Add all the coffee.
o Then add all the water ensuring the grounds get wet. Add disk to submerge the grounds.
o Let sit for 12-24 hours with longer times for more body.
o Dilute 1:3 with milk, water or cream.
Iced/Coldbrew (French Press)Ceremony65coarse400room temp 15612-16 hours
o Brew in anything really.
o Increase brew time to 20 hours if in the fridge.
o Decant through a paper, cloth or metal filter.
o Dilute to your liking.
Iced/Coldbrew (French Press)Kickapoo180french press grind900cold filtered water 6712 hours
o Start timer - add water.
o After 5 minutes use a spoon to break the crust and place in the fridge.
o After 12 hours filter and serve.
o Dilute 1:2, 1 part coffee 2 parts ice,water or milk.
Iced/Coldbrew (Pour-over)Kickapoo27slightly finer than pour-over592:15-2:15
o Add ice to the server.
o Bloom coffee with 60g water.
o At 0:45 pour slowly and finish the pour at 1:45-2:00.
o Swirl and decant onto fresh ice.
Iced/Coldbrew (Toddy)IntelligentsiaA few steps coarser then french presscold71 with 1:4 dilution12 hours + drain time
o Dampen filter and insert.
o Add half of coffee then slowly pour in 7 cups of coffee and try to wet all the grounds - do NOT stir.
o Add the remaining coffee then wait 5 minutes.
o Pour in 2 more cups of water and wet all grounds.
o Do NOT stir but can press down dry grounds with back of spoon if necessary.
o Let cold brew for 12 hours then drain.
o Dilute 1:3 to use. (Ie 2 ounces concentrate and 6 ounces (water, ice or milk).
Iced/Coldbrew (Toddy)ToddyCoarse like sea saltcold54-71 with 1:2 or 1:3 dilution12-18 hours
o Dampen filter and insert.
o Add one cup of water then half of coffee.
o Pour in 3 cups of water in a circular motion.
o Add the rest of the coffee.
o Wait 5:00 then slowly add the last 3 cups of water ensuring everything is wet.
o Keeps for 2 weeks. Dilute 1:2 or 1:3 with water or milk.
Kalita WaveStumptown21fine as table salt375205542:45-3:00
o Saturate the grounds with 60g and stir.
o At 0:45 pour up to 200g at 1:00.
o Add water in 25-50g pulses to hit 375 at 2:00.
Kalita WaveCrema25just finer than sea salt400Just off boil 603:30-3:50
o Wet grounds with 25-30 grams of water and pause.
o At 0:30 add water until the brew goes half way up the filter.
o Pause and let the level drop then pour in small pulses letting the brew level go up and down.
o Aim to finish adding water between 2:45-3:00.
Kalita WaveCraft Coffee21medium setting300205 (30 seconds off boil) 672:30
o No rinse of the filter.
o Bloom with 40g and wait.
o At 0:45 pour to about 150 g at 1:00.
o Let the water drop about a half inch then add 40g quickly.
o Repeat 3 or 4 times until at 300g and 2:00.
Kalita WaveNick Cho40552207 703:35
o No rinse and bloom with twice the weight of coffee.
Kalita WaveKaldi's24medium400195-205 582:30-3:00
o Wet all grounds evenly.
o After 30-45 seconds give a slow continous pour.
Kalita WaveSteampunk18280just off boil 623:00
o Bloom with double the weight of coffee.
o After 30 seconds pour for 5 seconds then wait for 2.
o Continue pulse pouring until 280g have been added.
Kalita WaveTodd Goldsworthy (2016 US Brewers Cup Champ)28350773:15
Kalita Wave (#185)George Howelldrip-medium390201-20562-693:30
o Shake to level the coffee.
o Pour in six pours of 65 in 15 seconds and wait 15seconds between pours.
o Start in the center and spiral out.
Polished ImmersionSarah Anderson21more coarse than drip310200-205 655:00 + drain time
o Add water to coffee
o Gently submerge grinds with spoon
o Wait 5 minutes
o Skim the grounds off the top
o Pour through paper filter
Polished Immersion (The Dragon)Todd Carmichael13.5210205 623:45
o Purchase the $350 brewer.
o Add the coffee and shake to settle the grounds.
o Use a 1:15.5 ratio of coffee to water.
o Slow pour up to the desired volume.
o Then at 3:30 give three pumps to pull a vaccuum and suck the coffee through.
Pour-over/pouroverPeter Giuliano (Director /co-owner Counter Culture)beach sandoff boil for a minute603-4:00
o Rinse with tap water.
o Bloom with an ounce of water.
o Then let rest 0:45-1:00.
o Then pour in a slow trickle over the coffee - should take 2-3 minutes to pour all the water.
o Slow and patient about half way up the filter or lower.
SiphonElemental30medium (between sea salt and table salt)400Just off boil722:45
o Take water just off boil and add to siphon
o Turn on the burner and once at boil add the top section
o Turn down burner but keep enough heat so that water stays in the top but with minimal agitation
o Add the coffee, start timer and stir
o At 1:45 stir and remove heat
o Draw down should take about 1:00 for a final brew time of 2:45
o Soak filter for at least 1 min in hot water then add to top chamber and pull chain to set
o With water just off boil ad 400g to globe and add heat
o Just before boil secure the top chamber
o When filled with water push the filter down arond the edge and get water to 202F
o Add coffee and stir - everything should be well mixed within 3 seconds - lower temperature of the heat
o At 35sec give a second stir to break the crust - lower temperature as much as possible but keep the brew up
o At 1:30 give a light stir and remove heat then give another light stir - blow on the globe if the brew has not started to drop
o Draw down should be complete between 2:15-2:30
o Expect Major flavor difference from slight drawndown time differences
Sowden SoftbrewAugie's50Coarse (26 baratz encore)710Just off boil 684:00
o Put the coffee in the metal canister and insert.
o Add all the water up to 710g or 25 ounces and stir when nearly full.
o After a minute give another stir.
o Pour out into preheated mugs at 4:00.
V60Intelligentsiasand like525Off boil 603-4:00
o Recipe based on a coffee/water weight of 26/425, 33/525 or 50/800 with a brew time of 3:00, 3:30 or 4:00.
o Start timer.
o Bloom with 2X the weight of the grounds.
o After 1 minute pour in 70-100g stages from the center and swirl out.
o Pour slowly and never let the grounds be exposed to air.
V60Stumptownkosher salt360Off boil 563:00
o Just saturated the grounds, pause for 15sec to let the coffee bloom.
o Pour continuously (adding water every 10-15 seconds?)
V60George Howelldrip-fine390201-2015 653:30
o Pour coffee in 6 - 15sec pours of 65g.
o Pause 15 seconds between pours.
o Start in center and swirl out with each pour.
V60Tonx414Just off boil 63up to 3:00
o Wet the grounds and then wait 30-45 seconds for the bloom.
o Then slowly swirl outward and fill to near the top and keep full until the total brew weight is reached.
V60Heart Coffee Roasters36045sec off boil or 200-205 592:20-2:30
o Bloom with twice coffee weight in water, stir vigorously, pause 20 seconds.
o Pour slowly and water should barely go above the coffee bed.
o Stir again after all water is added at about 2:00.
V60Matt Pergerfine200207 582:20
o Bloom with 50g, give a very through stir.
o Add 50g at 30 seconds.
o Add 100g at 1:00, swirl pour and finish along the outside edge to wash filter.
o After the water has all been added pickup and tap the brewer or the just the V60 portion to settle the grounds for the final drip.
V60Craft Coffeemedium-fine30030sec off boil or 205F 672:30
o Make a dent/hole in the coffee grounds in the filter.
o Pour about 40g water and bloom for 45 seconds.
o Slow pour in small circles until finish at about 2:00.
V60Ritual CoffeemediumOff boil58-632:45-3:00
o Recipe based on 15/250 or 25/380 coffee to water.
o Bloom 60g of water then gently stir gounds (flip bottom to the top).
o Pause until timer is at 45seconds.
o Slow pour of 140g in small circles - do not go near filter.
o At 1:20 add another 100g but don't let the water go any higher.
o At 1:50 add the last 80g of water then stir the sides but do not disturb the coffee bed.
V60Prima CoffeeVariousVariousVariousVarious
o Great review of testing 8 different V60 recipes.
V60Not Your Parents' Coffee35Between espresso & drip560207F604:00
o Recipe optimized at 35g of coffee and 560g water for 2 small mugs of coffee. Rinse and pre-heat pourer and cups.
o Add grounds.
o Start timer and add water at about twice weight of grounds and stir throughly for 5seconds.
o At 0:45 pour slowly from the middle out until about 1:15 & 300grams of water.
o Pause 25 seconds then pour remainder going from the center out.
o Lift and tap to settle the grounds.
V60Heartnot specified360203 or 45sec off boil592:40-3:00
o Pour 40-45g water and stir vigorously with a spoon or stir stick.
o All to de-gas for 30 seconds.
o Pour slowly in the center.
o Water line shouldn't go up much.
o Stir again once you reach 360 grams.
o Pour time should be between 2:20-2:30.
V60madcapbetween medium & fine227200-20561-761:45-2:15
o Use filtered or bottled water.
o Use 18g to 8 ounces 227g water or 29g to 16 ounces or 454g water.
o Bloom and wait for a bit.
o The pour from the center out.
o When finished adding water stir twice.
o Squeeze out the filter to get the last few drips.
o Great - outtakes at the end.
V60Dogwoodkosher sea salt300195-205 642:15
o Pour 60g water to wet the coffee.
o At 0:45 pour in a slow continous stream until at 300g.
o Never pour on the sides of the filter.
o Pour should finish at 1:30 and drip at 2:15.
V60/Pour-overCeremonyfine as table salt340205 563:00
o Saturate grounds with 40g of water.
o After 15-20 seconds continue pouring keeping the dripper half full.
o Use the last 30g of water to rinse the outside edge of the filter in a circle.

Brew weight – volume calculator

Want to know how to make good coffee at home? or at least make drinkable coffee if not fantastic coffee at home? When you get a new brewing device or when you want to try to make your coffee brewing better, it can be helpful to see what others recommend. When we first got the Kalita Wave I wanted to find the best coffee recipes and started searching around. It was a pain to compare differences in recipes so I started making a list with coffee strength as well as stirring and pouring details. In the end there is no perfect recipe and you will need to make adjustments to get the most out of each coffee, but it sure makes things easier to start with a good coffee recipe or coffee brew method.

To be clear: these coffee recipes are starting points. Search the how to make coffee database and print a pdf if you like.
★ indicates one of our recommended reads. More details on our own brew guide pages.

Nearly every recipe uses a paper filter rinsed with hot water. This water is also used to preheat the brewer and the mugs. We recommend both rinsing if using a paper filter and preheating the brewer and mugs.

Any recipes we should add? Write a comment or send us an email!

How to make coffee – coffee machine basics

  • Make sure the coffee machine and pot are clean.
    • Give the paper filter a rinse before adding the coffee.
  • Fresh coffee that is ground for each batch is best
  • Filtered water can improve the taste
  • Wait until the machine has finished before drinking
Machine size Coffee Water
tbsp Cups ounces cups
2 cup 4 1/4 12 1 1/2
4 cup 8 1/2 24 3
6 cup 12 3/4 36 4 1/2
8 cup 16 1 48 6
10 cup 20 1 1/4 60 7 1/2
12 cup 24 1 1/2 72 9

Note: 6 ounces of water into the machine will make a little over 5 ounces of brewed coffee because coffee absorbs about 1.5-2 times its weight in water.

Consistently great coffee will require a scale, good coffee freshly ground, and a good machine like the ones certified by the Speciality Coffee Association. Have all this? Search for ‘drip’ in the How to Make Coffee database, use the brew-weight volume calculator above and have at it.

Currently machines certified by the Speciality Coffee Association are:

  • Technivorm Moccamaster
  • Brazen Plus Customizable Temperature Control Brew System
  • KitchenAid Coffee Maker KCM0802
  • KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer (model KCM0801OB)
  • Bonavita Coffee Maker (model BV1900TS and BV1900TD)
  • OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker & 12-cup
  • Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

Past Machines include

  • Lance Larkin BE 112 Brew Express
  • Bonavita 8 Cup machines (BV1800 and 1800SS)
  • Bunn Phase Brew 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

Folgers recommends 1-2 tbsp ground coffee per 6 ounces of water.

Peet’s drip brewing 2 tbsp coffee per 6 ounces of water.

Starbucks recommends 2 tbsp ground coffee per 6 ounces of water.

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