What is Not Your Parents’ Coffee all about?

This website is two people, Dave and Lena, exploring just how much they, and in turn you, should care about coffee, if at all. We are not in the coffee industry and have no plans to be in it. We are just two regular folks looking for a good cup of coffee. We have kids and do not have time to hop between coffee bars and hang out. In fact, we have about 10 minutes a day to make and taste coffee. This site will focus on making delicious coffee at home (with no qualms about doing research and using a scientific approach, if that’s what it takes it find an answer).


Not Your Parents' Coffee - Lena   Not Your Parents' Coffee - Dave


At the end of the day, or really at the beginning of the day, we are just looking for some good coffee without having to think about it.


The title “Not Your Parents’ Coffee” is a nod to the complexity of choices consumers now face when looking to get their coffee fix — from the well-stocked coffee aisle at grocery stores, to the selection of special equipment sold at coffee chains, to the rapid growth of specialty coffee shops and their fancy vocabulary, as well as roasters who source top quality beans and ship within days of roasting (or day of!). But really, all of this coffee stuff seems overly complicated and a bit fussy. How much fuss is worth it and how much is just chaff?

(Chaff is the indigestible skin of the coffee beans that is a waste product. It is light and fluffy and often lighter in color. It tends to get all over the place and make a mess when roasting or grinding coffee.)

Chaff photos:





Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any coffee related company. We take no direct money, coffee, gear or anything from advertisers, retailers, manufactures or roasters. All equipment and coffee has been paid for by us. We registered with the Amazon affiliate program. If reviewing products or providing links that readers may find convenient we will link to the lowest price that we can find at the time of posting and disclose if that link provides any kickback. In the unlikely event that someone purchases something through one of these links, it will be used to purchase coffee.

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