Make Great AeroPress Coffee using the best AeroPress Recipes

Want great AeroPress coffee? We compiled dozens of AeroPress recipes and AeroPress instructions into a searchable, printable table. Our featured recipe tastes great and is minimal fuss but it is not the only way to make great AeroPress coffee. Try our recipe and try a few others before settling into a routine.

Pros: Simple and straightforward, can easily tailor the brew strength, total control over brew time.

Cons:  Way too many brew options, limited to one cup at a time.

What you need:  AeroPress, ground coffee (make it good), hot water, timer

Currently we like to keep it simple with a finer grind (between espresso and pour-over). AeroPress coffee from our favorite AeroPress recipes

  1. Boil water and wait a minute or heat kettle to 203F then rinse the filter. (Use 195 for coffee that is not a light roast)
  2. Set the AeroPress upside down like a tower (“inverted” method). 
  3. Add coffee (16g fine grind).
  4. Add water to 220g (near the top).
  5. Stir for 5 seconds then rinse the filter and cap and attach.
  6. At 0:45, flip and press for 10-15 seconds.
  7. Stop at the hiss.
  8. Figure out how to do it better next time!


Custom amount of Aeropress coffee? Use this calculator –



AeroPress coffee recipes and AeroPress instructions

We have starred some of our favorite AeroPress recipes and guides.

Alan Adler
Aeropress inventor
fine drip or espresso grind175
Awlred16fine-filter220203 702:30
Blue Bottle15just a bit finer than drip190200 762:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add twice weight of coffee in water, stir then wait 30 seconds.
o Add rest of water then wait 1 minute.
o Give 10 vigorous stirs then flip and press.
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters15medium-fine200 721:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add water to coffee all at once.
o Stir 5-6 times at 45seconds, then flip and plunge.
Clive Coffee
14.5medium200 702:00
Counter Culture18medium-fine200205 862:30
o Brew inverted style.
o Fill half way then stir a few times, immediatly fill to the top or 200g.
o Wait until 1:45 then stir a few more times.
o Cap then flip and slowly press until you hear the hiss at about 2:30.
George Howell21drip-fine26063-771:45
o Recipe for 17-21g of coffee and water to the (4) or 260g.
o Add coffee then add water in 25 seconds.
o At 35 seconds stir for 5 seconds.
o Then plunge for 1 minute.
Glitch Coffee
2014 Japan Champion
16between drip & french press23017463-772:00
o Bloom with 40g stir 5 times then add water to 230g then put the top on.
o After 1 minute press slowly for 1 minute but leave the last 30ml.
Has Bean
Heart Roasters
18bit finer than drip270 642:10
o Add all the water at once then stir.
o Put the plunger on to stop dripping.
o At 50 seconds take the top off and stir for 5 seconds - put the plunger back on.
o Take the top off at 1:45 and stir for 5 seconds then plunge for 20 seconds until hiss.
Kaldi's33fine grind113 2801:15
o Add water and stir.
o Stir again at 1min and press "like mad."
o Dilute if you want.
Lukas Zahradnik
2015 World Champion
20drip (EK43 (7.3)1751:30
o Recipe with 20g coffee and water to the top.
o Inverted method. 15 seconds bloom then 15 seconds 'wiggle' then 10 seconds fill to the top.
o 45 second press - stop right under the (1).
Marie Hagemeister
2010 World Champion
20slightly finer than filter220176 870:30
o Recipe for 20g coffee and water to the top.
o Brew inverted style.
o Add all the water then stir for 10-15 seconds.
o Flip and slowly press BUT stop before you hear the hiss.
Shuichi Sasaki
2014 World Champion
16.5slightly finer than french press250173.4631:50
o Recipe for 16.5 and XX water.
o No filter rinse.
o 40g bloom for 25 seconds.
o Stir 5 times after the 40g are added.
o Then add 210 grams of water and stir once.
o 75 second slow plunge.
Jeff Verellen 2013 World Aeropress Champion17bit coarser than filter265174621:40
o Bloom with 50g of 181F water and shake around a bit to mix.
o At 0:40 slowely add 215g water over 30 seconds.
o Press slowly for 30 seconds leaving the last 50g in the aeropress and discard.
o Extra tips: use only the uniform heavy beans (toss the big, wierd and light ones).
Charlene De Buysere 2012 World Aeropress Champion18.3Coarse250185701:00
o Brew in the standard position.
o Bloom with 40g of water for 30seconds.
o Add the rest and then press - but leave some water in the press.
Jeff Verellen 2011 World Aeropress Champion17bit coarser than filter270176602:00
o Brew in the standard position.
o Bloom with 40g of water for 30 seconds.
o Slowly add the rest of the water.
o Let it steep and drip for 1 minute.
o Press gently leaving the last 50 grams.
Sightglass (w/ video)17on the finer side (table salt)220 741:00
o Recipe for 17g and fill to the (3) or about 220g water.
o Stir a few times then slowly push down at 0:45 and stop at the hiss.
Stumptown17table salt220 74just under 2:00
o Recipe for 17g and water to the (4) or 220g.
o Add coffee, then add water saturating all grounds with 10 seconds while filling to the top.
o Spin the chamber to mix then stir.
o Cover then stir again at 1:15 then slowly plunge.
The Coffee Collective
Verve Street Smarts
Not Your Parents' Coffee16between espresso and drip220203 701:00
o Brew inverted style.
o Add coffee and fill with water to the top.
o At 0:45 stir for 5 seconds then cap and flip and press.
PT's18drip250 691:00-2:00
o Brew standard with the filter on.
o Pour to the (1) mark or 83g and stir.
o Pour to the (2) mark 167g and stir.
o Add water up to (3) or 250g and stir.
o Add plunger and slowly push until you hear a hissing sound.
o Let rest in mug for a few minutes then drink.
Heart18bit finer than drip270 642:10
o Brew upright/standard style.
o Start time and quickly add water to 270g.
o Stir and then place the plunger to seal and stop dripps.
o At 0:50 stir for 5 seconds and put plunger back on.
o At 1:45 stir for 5 seconds then replace plunger.
o Plunge for 20 seconds until you hear a hissing sound.
Ceremony12.5just finer than table salt200205 601:45
o Fill with 200g water and sitr 3 times.
o Immediately set the plunger to stopping dripping.
o At 1:15 stir 3 more times then set the plunger.
o Slowly press for 30 seconds.
Torch Coffee15just finer than table salt225642:20
o Brew inverted style.
o First add 100g on coffee and give a quick stir.
o At 0:30 then pour up to 225 grams or to total.
o Brew at 1:15 ratio.
o Give another quick stir.
o At 1:30 break the surface crust and mix into the water.
o Put the cap and at 2:00 flip and plunge until the hissing noise.
Steampunk17240 682:30
o Rinse.
o Brew inverted style.
o Add coffee, start timer then slowly add all the water.
o At 2:00 put the top on and slowly press.
Blair Smith (Augie’s)13.5200185682:00
o Bloom 30 seconds
o Add water to 175ml
o Stir 10 times
o Plunge at 1:45
o Add 25ml water
Jon Dail (Hidden House)165.9 on EK43235682:15
o Rinse 3 filters
o Inverted brew setup
o Bloom with 60g
o Aggresive stir until 30 seconds
o Fill to 235ml then stir once and cap
o Flip at 1:15
o Plunge for 60 seconds
o Decant 3 times


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