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Best Trader Joe's Coffee - on the shelf

Is the best Trader Joe’s coffee better then most specialty coffees?

Can the best Trader Joe’s Coffee compete with speciality coffee and, more importantly, should you purchase a can of their beans?   Kenneth Davids and editors at Coffee Review did a cool article cupping 38 supermarket coffees. After reading the article, one coffee stood out for being cheap and high scoring. That best budget coffee is the Trader Joe’s Kenya AA coffee, which… Read more →

How do different types of coffee from the same farm taste?

Over the holidays, Nossa Familia Coffee offered a cool opportunity (for $35) to taste 4 different types of coffee from a single farm, Finca San Jeronimo Miramar on the Volcano Atitlan in Guatemala. For me, and likely many other people, coffee purchasing decisions are primarily based on the country of origin and not the variety of coffee, so this was a great… Read more →

Starbucks Reserve Roastery main coffee bar

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Review

While in Seattle for a long weekend we decided to check out the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the ultimate showcase of Starbucks coffee. This cafe was clearly designed to be the adult coffee equivalent of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The roastery was about a ten minute walk slightly uphill from the monorail station. This was a fun morning activity that involved coffee for… Read more →

Make the best coffee at home using tips from the best

Pour-over coffee and French press coffee tips and tricks

Coffee experts have numerous tips and tricks for making the best coffee, be it pour-over coffee, French Press coffee, Aeropress coffee or another method. While researching how to make coffee at home, we collected over 100 coffee recipes or sets of instructions (and counting!). As of early February 2016, the How to Make Coffee database has  Over 40 pour-over coffee recipes including: 14 Chemex recipes including 2 using the… Read more →

Make Great AeroPress Coffee using the best AeroPress Recipes

Want great AeroPress coffee? We compiled dozens of AeroPress recipes and AeroPress instructions into a searchable, printable table. Our featured recipe tastes great and is minimal fuss but it is not the only way to make great AeroPress coffee. Try our recipe and try a few others before settling into a routine. Pros: Simple and straightforward, can easily tailor the brew strength, total… Read more →

Hario V60 Coffee Recipes

With the Hario V60 Coffee dripper you can make fantastic coffee at home. This is what we reach for first thing in the morning. Pros: Fantastic flavors, great control – favorite method currently. Cons: A gooseneck kettle really helps, need control of pour speed, a bit of a learning curve to get consistent results. What you need: Hario V60, filters (bleached), ground coffee… Read more →

French Press Coffee Recipes

French Press coffee doesn’t have to be mediocre coffee. With a few minor adjustments anyone show be able to make good coffee at home. Pros: Unfussy, strong and full-bodied, retains coffee oils, nothing tea-like about it.  Cons: Flavors are less clear, coffee less sweet, uses more coffee, gritty. What you need:  French Press, ground coffee (make it good), hot water, timer Key –> brewing long… Read more →

Traversing the coffee brewing chart (part 1)

Just be very thankful that you don’t have to wake up to coffee experiments at your house on the weekend…   Experiment: Variable grind size (brewing with the AeroPress) Coffee: Kickapoo Coffee Organic Colombia – Fondo Paez (From Kickapoo -> Syrupy sweet and incredibly aromatic with an effervescent intensity and a sweet core of candied red fruits. Notes of Tart Cherry, Hibiscus & Dark Plum). The… Read more →