Best Trader Joe's Coffee - on the shelf

Is the best Trader Joe’s coffee better then most specialty coffees?

Can the best Trader Joe’s Coffee compete with speciality coffee and, more importantly, should you purchase a can of their beans?   Kenneth Davids and editors at Coffee Review did a cool article cupping 38 supermarket coffees. After reading the article, one coffee stood out for being cheap and high scoring. That best budget coffee is the Trader Joe’s Kenya AA coffee, which… Read more →

How do different types of coffee from the same farm taste?

Over the holidays, Nossa Familia Coffee offered a cool opportunity (for $35) to taste 4 different types of coffee from a single farm, Finca San Jeronimo Miramar on the Volcano Atitlan in Guatemala. For me, and likely many other people, coffee purchasing decisions are primarily based on the country of origin and not the variety of coffee, so this was a great… Read more →

Does the retail price of coffee increase for higher scoring coffees?

As a follow up to the previous post on the price Counter Culture paid for green coffee beans, we checked to the price of coffee was higher for those that scored higher in 2014. (NOTE: we removed the non-menu coffees and those purchased in a volume under 300 pounds). Using to search archived prices from 2014, nearly half were found (27… Read more →

Bean price vs cupping score at Counter Culture Coffee

Ever wonder if coffee roasters pay more for really great green coffee than great coffee? Let’s see if we can figure it out.   Counter Culture coffee is a leader in the specialty coffee industry by selling great coffee, working closely with farmers, and striving to push sustainability and transparency. The recent Counter Culture Coffee report on sustainability details their carbon footprint and efforts to… Read more →