Hario V60 Coffee Recipes

With the Hario V60 Coffee dripper you can make fantastic coffee at home. This is what we reach for first thing in the morning.

Pros: Fantastic flavors, great control – favorite method currently.

Cons: A gooseneck kettle really helps, need control of pour speed, a bit of a learning curve to get consistent results.

What you need: Hario V60, filters (bleached), ground coffee (make it good), hot water, timer

Key → Even extraction through stirring and a fine grind. Our current preference is a grind between espresso and drip and a brew time between 3-4:00 minutes.


  1. Boil water or heat kettle to 207F then rinse the filter Hario V60 coffee ready to drink
    • Use a cup or so of water – let sit while grinding coffee – then pour into your mugs to preheat them
  2. Add fresh ground coffee
  3. Start timer & add water in about twice the weight of grounds then really stir it up and make sure everything is well mixed 
    • measure with a scale for best results
    • the pour and stir should take 15 seconds total
  4. Wait 25-30 sec
  5. Pour in a slow swirl up to the final volume or 300g – should take 45 seconds
  6. Pause 25 sec and continue until total volume
    • If making less than 400g one pour
  7. After adding all the water, lift and tap brew device to settle grounds
  8. Final drip should be from 2:45 – 4:00 or so
    • We have had a few go over 5:00 that turned out well
  9. Figure out how to do it better next time!


Custom amount of coffee? Use this calculator –



See how everyone else is doing it –

All recipes (more or less) have you pre-rinse the filter which also heats the carafe and then can be used to heat the mugs. Seems easy enough, so we do it.

The starred recipes are a great place to start and learn more.

Intelligentsia33sand like525Off boil 603-4:00
o Recipe based on a coffee/water weight of 26/425, 33/525 or 50/800 with a brew time of 3:00, 3:30 or 4:00.
o Start timer.
o Bloom with 2X the weight of the grounds.
o After 1 minute pour in 70-100g stages from the center and swirl out.
o Pour slowly and never let the grounds be exposed to air.
Stumptown21kosher salt360Off boil 563:00
o Just saturated the grounds, pause for 15sec to let the coffee bloom.
o Pour continuously (adding water every 10-15 seconds?)
George Howell25-28drip-fine0:00201-2015 653:30
o Pour coffee in 6 - 15sec pours of 65g.
o Pause 15 seconds between pours.
o Start in center and swirl out with each pour.
Tonx270:00Just off boil 63up to 3:00
o Wet the grounds and then wait 30-45 seconds for the bloom.
o Then slowly swirl outward and fill to near the top and keep full until the total brew weight is reached.
Heart Coffee Roasters2236045sec off boil or 200-205 592:20-2:30
o Bloom with twice coffee weight in water, stir vigorously, pause 20 seconds.
o Pour slowly and water should barely go above the coffee bed.
o Stir again after all water is added at about 2:00.
Matt Perger12fine200207 582:20
o Bloom with 50g, give a very through stir.
o Add 50g at 30 seconds.
o Add 100g at 1:00, swirl pour and finish along the outside edge to wash filter.
o After the water has all been added pickup and tap the brewer or the just the V60 portion to settle the grounds for the final drip.
Craft Coffee21medium-fine30030sec off boil or 205F 672:30
o Make a dent/hole in the coffee grounds in the filter.
o Pour about 40g water and bloom for 45 seconds.
o Slow pour in small circles until finish at about 2:00.
Ritual Coffee15 or 25mediumOff boil58-632:45-3:00
o Recipe based on 15/250 or 25/380 coffee to water.
o Bloom 60g of water then gently stir gounds (flip bottom to the top).
o Pause until timer is at 45seconds.
o Slow pour of 140g in small circles - do not go near filter.
o At 1:20 add another 100g but don't let the water go any higher.
o At 1:50 add the last 80g of water then stir the sides but do not disturb the coffee bed.
Prima CoffeeVariousVariousVariousVariousVarious
o Great review of testing 8 different V60 recipes.
Not Your Parents' Coffee35Between espresso & drip560207F604:00
o Recipe optimized at 35g of coffee and 560g water for 2 small mugs of coffee. Rinse and pre-heat pourer and cups.
o Add grounds.
o Start timer and add water at about twice weight of grounds and stir throughly for 5seconds.
o At 0:45 pour slowly from the middle out until about 1:15 & 300grams of water.
o Pause 25 seconds then pour remainder going from the center out.
o Lift and tap to settle the grounds.
Heart22not specified360203 or 45sec off boil592:40-3:00
o Pour 40-45g water and stir vigorously with a spoon or stir stick.
o All to de-gas for 30 seconds.
o Pour slowly in the center.
o Water line shouldn't go up much.
o Stir again once you reach 360 grams.
o Pour time should be between 2:20-2:30.
Ceremony20fine as table salt340205 563:00
o Saturate grounds with 40g of water.
o After 15-20 seconds continue pouring keeping the dripper half full.
o Use the last 30g of water to rinse the outside edge of the filter in a circle.
madcap18between medium & fine227200-20561-761:45-2:15
o Use filtered or bottled water.
o Use 18g to 8 ounces 227g water or 29g to 16 ounces or 454g water.
o Bloom and wait for a bit.
o The pour from the center out.
o When finished adding water stir twice.
o Squeeze out the filter to get the last few drips.
o Great - outtakes at the end.
Dogwood20kosher sea salt300195-205 642:15
o Pour 60g water to wet the coffee.
o At 0:45 pour in a slow continous stream until at 300g.
o Never pour on the sides of the filter.
o Pour should finish at 1:30 and drip at 2:15.







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